The Frente Brasil Popular repudiates the use of police repression and the armed forces

The Frente Brasil Popular vehemently repudiates the use of police repression and the Armed Forces, which assaulted thousands of Brazilians who participated in the March of the Working Class, jointly organized by all trade unions and the movements Frente Brasil Popular and Povo sem Medo.

The use of the Armed Forces, thousands of tear gas bombs and rubber bullets demonstrates the current weakness of the administration of Michel Temer and his allies – a government that has become even more unstable after the numerous allegations of corruption involving the President himself.

The Armed Forces lower themselves to serve as a political instrument of a dying government. It attacked indistinctly thousands of Brazilians, while only a few infiltrated our pacific movement to promote confrontation.

Weakened, with no support from the people and helpless as his political support abandon his sinking ship, Temer criminalizes and persecutes social movements.

We took to the streets today to demand the President’s resignation, direct elections and immediate withdrawal of the pension and labor reforms. This is our struggle, which we will uphold until Temer is out of office and our rights are no longer under threat.

#DiretasJá #ForaTemer

#ContraAsReformas #BrazilResists