The Barinas Massacre: La Via Campesina stands in solidarity with our CRBZ

La Via Campesina, the international peasant movement that brings together 200 million members in hundreds of social movements throughout Africa, Asia, Europe and the Americas denounces to the entire world the BARINAS MASSACRE which took place 27 July 2019. In it, six militants of our movement in the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, including a pregnant comrade, were vilely assassinated by mercenaries suspected to be linked to right-wing landholders. The hybrid war being waged against the Bolivarian Revolution must end immediately, respecting the right of the Venezuelan people to live in peace.

We add our voice to that of the Frente Nacional Campesino Ezequiel Zamora (FNCEZ), its Corriente Revolucionaria Bolívar y Zamora (CRBZ) and Brigadas de Defensa Popular Hugo Chávez (BDP), insisting on a rapid and effective investigation that clarifies the facts and holds both the material and intellectual culprits responsible for their heinous crime. In these moments of grief and resistance, we express our full solidarity with the great people of Venezuela and their popular organizations in struggle.

José Geraldo Rojas, Manuel J. Cordero Benítez, Alexi Ontiveros Mora, Eudes Rojas Peña, Kebin Navas Rodríguez, Milaidis Navas González ¡PRESENT!

“Honor and glory to our fallen brothers and sister. They will be forever present in our hearts and minds, in every battle and process of struggle!” – CRBZ

¡Globalize struggle, globalize hope!

La Via Campesina