Caribbean: CLOC-Via Campesina Stands in Solidarity with Haitian Women

With conviction, we build Food Sovereignty and fight against crises and violence.

In this call to action on March 8 – International Day of Struggle of Working, Producing, and Fishing Women, we state that discrimination against women is evident in developing countries where gender violence is increasing every day because the agenda toward this sector in our region consists of proposals, not actions and public policies that achieve effective change. This is especially evident in the heroic Haitian people.

This social context divides and fragments us based on identities, a capitalist strategy that precisely attacks the main dimension we need to maintain as working-class peoples: unity in our diversity. To guarantee plurality without losing the class dimension is crucial. Every time the class dimension is lost, we become more vulnerable to the attacks of capitalism. Peasant and popular feminism, as proposed by CLOC-VC peasant women, continues to advance in our organizations and territories alongside the advance of diversity.

This March 8, from our region, we honor the memory of working women, resilient fighters who keep their banners of struggle high and who historically continue with demands and political proposals that ensure the continuity of a new society, beyond capitalism where it is necessary to address and promote gender inequalities existing in today’s world.

CLOC-Via Campesina Caribbean Region joins today the voices of the world for the Haitian women who suffer from criminal political intervention and who demand the application of human rights.

And we add our slogan with deep conviction: we trace paths towards Peasant and Popular Feminism. We commit ourselves to the active construction of Food Sovereignty, fighting against the crises and violence that affect our communities. We continue to move forward and share experiences, strategies, and dreams, solidifying our commitment to gender equity and social justice in rural areas.

This call is a window into the energy and determination of the CLOC and La Via Campesina women, who persist in their struggle for a fairer and more sustainable world.

Solidarity with the Haitian people.