Support Sora Ko | Urgent Call for Donations

Important Update: 13 Nov 2017

Dear Friends,

We have an urgent update and it is a happy one!

As on 13 November 2017, Sora Ko’s condition has improved significantly and she is expected to be discharged from the hospital shortly. Her treatments will continue for a longer period through out-patient (OP) care, as her crucial organs still need time to recover fully.

We are glad to inform you that the Korean Peasant League(KPL) and the Korean Women Peasants Association(KWPA) have successfully managed to raise funds that can immediately pay for Sora’s hospital bills.

The money raised by La Via Campesina through this international appeal, will provide for Sora’s future medical expenses, which considering the severity of her illness, will be substantial.

We deeply appreciate all your help and positive wishes that provided Sora the strength to stage a comeback.

In solidarity,
Finance Team

You can donate through our donation page, by CLICKING HERE

Dear Friends,

We are reaching out to you today because one of us is facing a terrible situation, and her family is asking for help and financial support.

Sora is one of our regional staff support in La Via Campesina, working from South Korea, articulating the South East-East Asia LVC region, and also working quite often as interpreter for Korean delegates in international activities. Sora went to Mali in September as volunteer interpreter for the Korean delegation to the IPC seed training session.

It seems that there, despite the attempt of a preventive treatment, she contracted malaria. Sora was not feeling well for some days once she was back in Korea, then was wrongly diagnosed with dengue and then finally diagnosed with and treated for malaria. But the virus is quite strong and unknown in Korea, and she developed very strong symptoms.

She has been struggling, between life and death, for some days now,. The latest news though are a bit encouraging as she is now conscious and seems to react to the people around her. But she is still with a machine to help her breathing and treatments for her lungs and kidneys in particular. It is still very unclear for everyone if and how she will fully recover from this.

We are following her situation every day, thanks to members and friends from KPL and KPWA – the Korean LVC members where Sora is based in, who accompany her and her family in this very difficult time.

Sora’s family is asking for financial help, as the insurances, public and private, do not cover the costs of such a rare case of illness.

It is not usual in our movement to raise funds for particular needs, but the International Coordination Committee (ICC) members agree that we should do something and try to contact every member organization and friends and see how each of us can help.

There might have some needs quite soon with the hospital fees, but also in a longer term treatment for Sora’s full recovery.So please, organizations and individuals are invited to make a donation, even a small one. With water drops we can make oceans !

You can donate through our donation page, by CLICKING HERE

or address your donation to the following bank account, putting “Support to Sora” in the subject of your payment :

Holder of the account: LURBIDE – EL CAMINO DE LA TIERRA
Holder’s address : Murueta 6, 48220 Abadiño, Bizkaia, Pays Basque, Espagne
Bank : Laboral Kutxa
Bank’s address : Gudari 2 ; 48340 ZORNOTZA, Pays Basque, Espagne
IBAN : ES80 3035 0423 39 4231038221

Our thoughts and all our good energy go to Sora. We need you back Sora !!

Thank you all for your attention and concerns.

In solidarity,

Elizabeth Mpofu
International Coordinator of LVC

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