Stop! To the alarming escalation of repression by the Israeli government of Civil Society Organisations in the occupied Palestinian Territory

On October 19th 2021, a military order by the Israeli Defense ministry declared that six civil society organisations (CSOs) in the occupied Palestinian Territory are “terrorist organizations”). This issuing is appalling and a next step in the criminalisation and destruction of Palestinian civil society opposing the inhumane occupation policy of the Israeli government.

This order gives the Israeli government the possibility to close their offices and arrest members of the organisations and send them to jail. This means a threat to the safety and security of this people and an end to their organizations.

We call upon the governments and international institutions to denounce vigorously this measure and demand with all means to the Israeli government to ensure its immediate rescission. We especially demand the US government and the EU to intervene and demand from the Israeli government to take back this decision and take concrete measures to ensure protecting CSOs organizations and not silencing them by considering them as terrorist organizations.

We call upon all social movements and other civil society organisations to denounce this alarming criminalisation of Palestinian CSOs that resist an inhumane occupation policy and try to support the Palestinian population to be able to survive in these dramatic circumstances.

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