Poem: Climate Justice and Food Sovereignty Now!

A poem by Elizabeth Mpofu, the General Coordinator of Via Campesina. 

Elizabeth is also the Chairperson of Zimbabwe Smallholder Organic Farmers Forum (ZIMSOFF) and this poem first appeared on ZIMSOFF’s Facebook page. 

Climate Justice and Food Sovereignty Now!

Oh! Oh! Nature mourns, Humanity perishes! 

Why? Seasons have changed

Now unpredictable and unreliable!

Hotter, drier and shorter!

Winds and storms harsher and destructive

Mother Earth mourns, the land is barren.

Women, men and children, plants and animals perish!

Capitalist industrial agriculture, what have you done?

Everywhere, Mother Earth crumbles

As toxics and harmful GMO seeds swell her belly.

Heavy machines trample her belly

Their dark plumes polluting the sky,

A new baby, Climate Change, is conceived and born!


Oh! What is all this?

Ecological niches shrink

Biodiversity fast disappears

Greater uncertainty hovers everywhere

Heightened risks for us the food producers

Traditional agriculture knowledge is fast eroding

What and who shall save us?


Climate change knows no peace,

Hungers for only for destruction!

Greed for profits feed him!

Extreme, extreme, extreme weather phenomena, his fruits!

Environmental and humanitarian disasters!

Floods, droughts, landslides, diseases!

Humanity cries: No Food!

Nature cries: Inhabitable! Inhabitable!


Is there a remedy?

Yes but we hear only false solutions!

Free Markets, REDD, Climate Smart agriculture,

Green economy, Agrofuels, Carbon trading, land grabbing, more industrial farming,

Massive use of herbicides, inorganic fertilizers and

More GMOs!

Oh Lord! All to grow climate change! Why?

Profits! Profits! More profits! cries Capitalism, his father!


But hope looms in the horizon

Food sovereignty, our hope!

Comes to restore social justice to humanity,

Ecological sustainability to nature

Biodiversity and cultural diversity to all peoples of Mother Earth!

Arise ye peoples, women and men, the landless, peasants, indigenous farmers, forest and fisherfolks,

Let your hope be heard in all the corners of the earth!

Climate Justice and Food Sovereignty Now!

Globalise the Struggle, Globalise Hope!

Viva La Via Campesina, Viva