Peasant Women in Korea denounce Smart Farm Policy, submit a charter of eight demands to President Moon

Members of Korean Women Peasant Association mobilised in large numbers in Seoul to draw attention to rural agrarian crisis and a reform in the current agricultural policy.

At the National Women Peasant Rally held on August 22nd, 2018 at Gwanghwamoon Square, Seoul, South Korea, they submitted a set of eight demands addressed to President Moon.

  • Establish a department in charge of peasant women’s issues and a revision of Women Farmers’ Empowerment Act to provide human resource
  • Guarantee minimum price for agricultural products and implementation of farmer’s allowance,
  • Guarantee healthy food with no GMO,
  • Stop rice import, Guarantee price for rice at 3000KRW per kg, Rice target price increase,
  • Guarantee of farmer rights to seeds and seedlings,
  • Stop Smart Farm Project, Defer PLS(Positive List System for pesticide) implementation,
  • Establishment of Special Committee of Fishery and Agriculture, Agriculture policy reform,
  • Implementation of Panmunjom Declaration, South and North Korea peasant exchange, Agriculture of Reunification.

The peasants also issued a warning that if the government continues to ignore the voices from the field, the struggle would only become stronger.

KWPA National Peasant Rally – August 22nd 2018 Gwanghwamoon, Seoul, South Korea <8 requests for women peasants>1….

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All Images are sourced from IKP News