Peasant seeds, the heart of the struggle for Food Sovereignty

The new edition of the Nyéléni Newsletter is now online

In 2018 the United Nations (UN) adopted the Declaration on the Rights of Peasants, recognising at the highest level of international governance the strategic role played by the peasants of the world. (…) The Declaration highlights the role of peasant seeds in achieving Food Sovereignty, and in developing agrarian policies which favour peasant farmers.

(…) It is vital to guarantee the right of peoples to “Maintain, control, protect and develop their own seeds and traditional knowledge”.  (…) In this edition of the newsletter, we are inviting you to return to the debate on Peasant seeds, the heart of the struggle for Food Sovereignty, which guarantees full Peasant Rights. We are sharing a series of articles which seek to raise awareness and improve organisation for Peasant Seeds in all territories and providing information about how to join the “Adopt a Seed” action. You will also find testimonies of the actions of resistance people are engaged in to keep peasant seeds in the hands of those who feed populations in a fair and healthy way. 

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