Nicaraguans block border crossings

News from Nicaragua

Since 8:00 a.m. on the 3rd of July  Social Organizations of Nicaragua are at the three border crossings with Honduras holding a day of resistance which consists of a blockade at each crossing.

At this moment there are Honduran military at each border crossing.

At the principal crossing, the border of las Manos, a strong contingent of social organizations coordinated by Via Campesina are speaking with the local populace to not be coerced by the coup plotters and to mobilize freely to demand the return of President Mel Zelaya. There are a hundred or so trucks paralyzed because they cannot pass the border, putting the lie to the disinformation of the media in Honduras that assures everyone there total calm prevails there.

In this action the Nicaraguan media are present to report without censorship the reality of these events.

In the meantime, compañeros of Via Campesina and from other social movements in general are joining this solidarity action and struggle against the Coup D´Etat undertaken by the military and members of the oligarchy in Honduras.

In the afternoon there will be a meeting to evaluation the actions already undertaken and to define tomorrow´s  actions, when the arrival of Mel in Tegucigalpa will be announced.

To contact ATC, member of La Via Campesina in Nicaragua
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