National Farmers Union 46th Annual Convention – Soil: Our Common Ground

Media Release

(Ontario, November 25, 2015) – Members of the National Farmers Union from all across Canada are meeting in London, Ontario, November 26 to 28 for the 46th Annual National Convention. This year, the theme is Soil: Our Common Ground.

“As world leaders gather in Paris to discuss climate change, we as farmers are gathering to consider our role, and ways we can make a difference to global warming,” said Jan Slomp, NFU President. “We see ourselves not as just producers of commodities – we are also stewards of biological processes that require us to do more than just maximize output. Carbon in the soil is money in the bank. We need to set up the next generation for success by adopting practices that work with biological systems to move carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere and into the soil.”

“We have a mandate to be part of the solution,” Slomp continued. “As we gather in London over the next few days, there will be presentations, discussion, debate, and conversations that lead will us towards a better understanding of the interaction between the atmosphere, soil, farmers and public policy.”

The NFU Convention commences on Thursday, November 26 and 1 PM and concludes on Saturday, November 28 at 4:30 PM. Everyone is welcome to attend. On Thursday, November 26  there will be a free public event featuring Michigan-based farmer, Jeff Rasawehr at 7 PM at the Doubletree by Hilton, 300 King Street, London, Ontario

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Jan Slomp, NFU President: (403) 704-4364

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