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2023 | July News Wrap: Highlights from La Via Campesina Members Worldwide

July has been a month of global mobilisations in defence of peasant rights, and denouncing corporate food systems and the Free Trade Agreements. Many exchanges and trainings were organised focusing on preparing for the 8th International Conference (#8ConfLVC) and promoting Peasant Agroecology.

2023 | May News Wrap: Highlights from La Via Campesina Members Worldwide

The May edition of the news wrap carries updates about global solidarity actions, 30th year anniversary celebrations, land rights advocacy, webinars, and fairs held by members worldwide.Additionally, an abridged version of this News Wrap will soon be available as a Podcast on Spotify.

The struggle against mega-basins is a struggle for life

Elsewhere, in line with capitalist injunctions to “decarbonise” economies, water-intensive mining and the construction of large dams are accelerating, destroying territories still populated by peasant and Indigenous communities. In 2020, water was even listed on the stock exchange in the US.

La Via Campesina’s Annual Report | 2022

In 2022, LVC voiced strong demands and proposals to address the global crises in the short and long term. The easing of travel restrictions allowed peasant and indigenous leaders to travel to spaces of policy-framing and decision making, to make themselves heard and be counted.