La Via Campesina Solidarity Statement with Palestine

(Bagnolet: December 26, 2022) The Israeli occupation continues its fierce attack on the Palestinian people, as this aggression has escalated since the beginning of this year in a more insane and unprecedented manner in about 17 years.

Since the beginning of this year and until today, the occupation soldiers and Israeli settlers have killed 217 Palestinians, most of whom are under 20 years old.

It also destroyed hundreds of agricultural facilities and confiscated thousands of agricultural dunams in order to build more than 10,000 new settlement units.

La Via Campesina looks at this abhorrent aggression against the Palestinian people with a very serious eye and considers it an aggression against all peoples who love peace, justice and against all humanity!

La Via Campesina also calls for an end to this aggression and for the perpetrators of these crimes to be held accountable.

La Via Campesina also considers that the joining of Israeli parties and people accused of murder and terrorism, and who have a history full of criminality, such as Ben Gafer and Smotrich, to form the next Israeli government is a very dangerous matter and shows the true face of Israel. Therefore, we call on the world to boycott this occupation government and pressure it with all force in order to end its occupation of Palestine.

La Via Campesina also calls for sending a fact-finding mission to Palestine to investigate the threats and dangers to which the Palestinian farmers are exposed.