La Via Campesina opposes the inclusion of Cuba in the U.S. list of State Sponsors of Terrorism


(Harare, 15 January 2021)

We, La Via Campesina – an international peasant movement made up of 182 organizations in 81 countries with some 200 million members – firmly manifest our rejection of the new aggressions by the U.S. government against the sovereignty of the Cuban people and we denounce its renewed inclusion on the unilateral U.S. list of ‘States Sponsors of Terrorism’.

After almost 6 years off the list, this January 11th, 2021, outgoing U.S. Secretary of State (Mike Pompeo) announced the reinstatement of Cuba to their list of countries they call terrorists, a unilateral measure aimed at continuing the historic and criminal economic, commercial and financial blockade to which the Cuban people have been subjected for six decades.

While the world has been shaken by the crisis provoked by COVID-19, Cuba maintains its acts of internationalism, solidarity and cooperation with, to give one example among many, its 1,500+ health professionals, doctors, specialists and nurses of the ‘Henry Reeve Brigade’ who currently serve those most vulnerable to the pandemic in Europe, Africa, Arab Emirates, Latin America and the Caribbean.

While the majority of the world faces the hunger and exclusion imposed by those in power to confront the crisis, Cuba and our beloved National Association of Small Farmers (ANAP) respond with more sovereignty, solidarity and social justice. The neoliberal model doesn’t resolve the crisis facing humanity; the Cuban model defends life, dignity and unity of the peoples.

As an international peasant movement, we stand in solidarity with the Cuban people in the face of the attacks against them and we call on all allied organizations – those that struggle for food sovereignty, agroecological peasant agriculture, and the integral health of the peoples – to join their voice in recognizing Cuba for its efforts in solidarity and cooperation with humanity.


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