La Via Campesina launches training modules on Peasant Seeds

La Via Campesina joyfully announces the launching of a series of training modules called “La Via Campesina: Construction of shared knowledge on Peasant Seeds”. These are 5 pedagogical documents that seek to deepen the study of the global struggle for peasant seeds, their situation and context and connection with other struggles for Food Sovereignty.

The modules have been built within the Agroecology, Seeds and Biodiversity Collective of La Via Campesina. It will strengthen the Global Campaign – “Seeds: peoples’ heritage at the service of humanity”. Each of these modules explores lived realities, reflections, victories and struggles and have been systematically collected and synthesised for the activists of the movement, its organizations, institutions, and anyone interested in training on such issues.

The first module in this five-part monthly series, “Food Sovereignty born of Peasant Seeds” is now online and is available in English, Spanish and French.

The subsequent editions will also be available on the website of La Via Campesina.

We encourage activists, organizations to use this tool and a crucial resource in your training programs and to spread this knowledge in communities. The module comes embedded with a “Virtua Shigra” that points to additional and useful resources on the topic. May it be of much benefit and revolution!

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