La Via Campesina e-newsletter, November 2015 edition

La Via Campesina’s electronic newsletter, November 2015 edition, is now available. As La Via Campesina joins the rest of the world to denounce any form of violence against women on the International Day of Action Against Violence Towards Women, November 25th, we share two articles on the situation of rural women in Thailand and the Dominican Republic. A selection of videos, audios, postcards denouncing gender violence that women face in a capitalist and patriarchal system are included. Other articles highlight on-going struggles in the different regions of our movement against many forms of injustices and policy bias against small family farms and peasants. We share also an interesting new publication on Agroecology “Peasant Agroecology for Food Sovereignty and Mother Earth, experiences of La Via Campesina”. This publication comprises 10 articles reflecting a range of experiences on agroecology within our movement. Download the newsletter, read and share it! Globalize the Struggle! Globalize Hope!