La Via Campesina: 2017 Annual report is out!

Title: La Via Campesina. 2017 Annual report

Year: May 2017

Language: English (also available in French and Spanish)

Summary: The 2017 annual report highlights selected struggles towards strengthening the international movement and the VIIth La Via Campesina International Conference deliberations and celebrations. The conference whose theme was “We feed our peoples and build the movement to change the world” signified the collective processes to develop ideas, proposals, joint struggles and alternative projects to confront neoliberal agenda as well as the rise of right-wing politics. This gathering and the various struggles throughout 2017 were moments of renewal of the spirit of peoples’ resistances, building solidarity and exchanging the tales of struggle from our territories with each other, presenting new opportunities and challenges to “Globalizing the Struggle, [and] Globalising Hope”. A major effort was made in 2017 to bolster women and the youth to have a stronger voice within La Via Campesina to effectively shape the decisions and build a movement based on equality through removing barriers to their participation and continuing to implement the campaign to end all forms of violence against women.

Edition: La Via Campesina

Download the report here.