La CLOC- Via Campesina denounces and rejects imperialist interference and demands respect for the sovereignty of Venezuela

From all corners of rebellious, sovereign and dignified Latin America, as Coordinadora Latinoamericana de Organizaciones del Campo, Cloc – Vía Campesina, we strongly reject the interference of US governments and the so-called Lima Group, who together with the Venezuelan oligarchy, orchestrated a coup d’etat against democracy, self-determination and order of the brother country, with a clear intention to undermine the Bolivarian project and thus pave the way for the appropriation of its natural assets and oil wealth.

In recent years, the Venezuelan people have been suffering constant actions of destabilization, violence, chaos and plot. The national right, that has not won the electoral dispute, even a sector of it called for abstention in past presidential elections, continues to reinvent new forms, this time from the legislative level, to attack the democratically elected government of President Nicolás Maduro Moro.

On January 23, some sectors of the opposition, with the support of foreign sectors coming from imperialist governments, sought to impose an illegitimate figure, as interim president, over the will of his people and his Constitution.

As CLOC – Via Campesina we respect, defend and reiterate our unconditional support for the Venezuelan people, its government and its legitimate president Nicolás Maduro Moro and we join the declarations of our member organization, the Frente Nacional Campesino Ezequiel Zamora, FNCEZ, when it calls for unity and the defense of national sovereignty.

Against imperialist intervention!

For the Sovereignty of our peoples!

United America, continue in struggle!