Israeli forces demolish a water harvesting pond and attack Palestinian peasants: UAWC calls upon International actors to intervene

This video documenting the Israeli occupation forces’ aggression on Palestinian agriculture and on peasants points to the everyday struggle of Palestinian population.

The video documents the demolition of a huge “water harvesting pond ” which irrigates tens of dunums of agricultural land in ” Wadi Al Ghros” to the east of Hebron district.

According to Via Campesina’s Palestinian member UAWC, the occupation forces brought in heavy machinery to forcefully clear the surrounding farmland and inflict maximum damage to peasants’ properties.

The peasants confronted the Israeli occupation forces face to face, enduring the assaults in an attempt to protect their farmland and to prevent the destruction of the pond. 

UAWC calls upon international community, international agriculture related organizations, development defenders and all free people around the world to intervene to prevent the continuous crimes against Palestinian peasants and their farmland and agricultural resources.