Mayotte water crisis: MODEF calls on France to take action

MODEF, one of Via Campesina’s member organizations in Mayotte, France, sent a letter to the French President Emmanuel Macron to draw his attention to a serious water crisis facing the island. With almost all the water reserves exhausted and the rainy season not expected until November, the Prefecture of Mayotte has decided to cut off water two days out of three, and they are considering extending it to 96 consecutive hours of interruption. The consequences are severe, with major repercussions for agriculture, health and daily life, including possible food shortages.

The letter urgently appeals to the French government to take immediate action to address this looming humanitarian, health, economic and food crisis. MODEF also calls for the activation of the agricultural disaster regime and full coverage of losses through national solidarity to save Mayotte Agriculture. They emphasized the importance of guaranteeing the respect for the fundamental right of access to drinking water and sanitation for all. For more details download and read the full letter below.