International Women’s Day : Day of Action and Struggle !

International Women’s Day, celebrated on March 8th around the world, is a day to commemorate the struggle and honor the memory of working women of the country and the city, feminists, and women who struggle against capitalism. We are daughters, mothers, relatives, friends, and acquaintances of women who have given their lives to the struggle for our rights, justice, and an end to discrimination.

Above all, we are women who reaffirm our unrestricted commitment toward a world without capitalist and patriarchal violence that oppresses women the most. Therefore for Via Campesina, March 8th is a fundamental date for the conquest of our rights. This is how we struggle for a society with new social and power relations, where women and men have equal opportunities, rights, and duties. We remain always alert and firm in the struggle for our rights, our presence, participation, and action within our organization and throughout society at large. Moreover, we struggle for the sexual and reproductive rights of women and demand our rights to access land in a world where women only own a mere 2% of all land.

We strongly denounce the advancement of capitalism and agribusiness in our communities and against peasant agriculture, threatening the food sovereignty of the peoples; therefore, we struggle against the hoarding and concentration of land, we struggle for an integral agrarian reform that guarantees justice to men and women. We raise our voices for agroecology and in defense of the earth, the water, the seeds, and our resources that are also our livelihoods.

From Via Campesina, we encourage, salute, and call upon all our organization around the world to create and promote struggles, mobilizations, educational and political education activities, and participate in the actions of the International Day of Action and Struggle that will take place this March 8th.

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