International mission for the release of WTO political prisoners

 Today (9/1/2006) the International Mission to Hong Kong makes another rally, after press conference in the Hunger Strike tent in Tsim Tsa Chui star ferry pier. The international mission goes to the Central Government Office in Central areas in Hong Kong.  Again they demanded the release of the political prisoners without charge.


The international mission is consisting of many groups from some countries and most of them have participated in last December action against WTO. They come again to Hong Kong because they want the release of the protesters. One of the participants of international mission said that one that should be sent to court is WTO, which has violated the human rights in the world.

 After the march, the international mission then participated in the candle light vigil with the protester which is today has reached the fourth day of hunger strike. During the candle light vigil many Hong Kong people joining and some are make a support signature also make donations. The number of Hong Kong people demanding the release of political prisoners to the date 11 is increasing day to day. This shows to the world that the protesters are struggling against WTO and not the people of Hong Kong. During every action the 12 political prisoners are always saying that they love Hong Kong people.

Today many actions are being held in many countries demanding the release of the WTO protesters.