International Call to End Israeli Violations against Palestinian Farmers

Dear friends and activists,

The snow storm that hit Palestine in the past few days was not the only struggle for the Palestinian farmers in this period.  The Israeli settlers from Susiya Settlement chopped down 345 olive trees belonging to Palestinian farmers in Masafer Yata to the south of Hebron; on January 9th settlers chopped down 45 trees and then on January 10th they chopped another 300 trees. Each of these olive trees holds the memory of many proud Palestinian generations; each Palestinian olive tree is history.

The Union of Agricultural Work Committees condemns the brutal violations of the Israeli settlers of Susiya Settlement, and calls the International Community and Human Rights Organizations to support the Palestinian farmers’ rights especially the right to food sovereignty. UAWC calls all the human rights organizations, activists and social justice movements to raise their voice to end the Israeli violations against the Palestinian farmers and the agricultural sector. Say NO to: land confiscation for establishing illegal settlements, trees uprooting, physical and verbal assaults, and demolition of agricultural properties.

Raise your voice to end the Israeli violations against Palestinian farmers:

  • Sign UAWC’s position paper:
  • Share the information via social networks using the hashtag: #StopIsraeliViolations
  • Organize an activity with UAWC to directly talk to Palestinian farmers and hear their testimonies

In solidarity,