Graphic Book: “The Path of Peasant and Popular Feminism in La Via Campesina”

Harare, 25th November 2021:

On 25th November, La Via Campesina’s global campaign to eliminate gender-based violence finds resonance in a newly launched graphic book that traces The Path of Peasant & Popular Feminism in the movement. On this day, when members of the global movement amplify our International Solidarity Actions to End Violence Against Women and Girls, this book echoes our critique and condemnation of a capitalist and patriarchal system that perpetuates these violations. At this moment, in a united voice, La Via Campesina demands justice and dignity for those affected by the violence and condemn the impunity enjoyed by the perpetrators. It is time to say “enough!” to gender-based violence experienced by women, girls and non-binary genders.

The book is a vital political-pedagogical tool for training at the grassroots, regions and continents. Organized by the Women’s Articulation of La Via Campesina and beautifully illustrated by the FemGarabat Feminist Collective of the Basque Country, this book synthesis the historical struggle of peasant and indigenous women around the world. Twenty-eight pages of stunning illustrations reveal the role of women in the global fight for Food Sovereignty and their centrality in promoting Peasant and Popular Feminism in their territories and organizations. It also offers several testimonies of peasant leaders from across continents in implementing the Global Campaign End Violence Against Women promoted by LVC since 2008.

Get your copy today and share it widely within your organization, region and among friends and allies.

The publication is available in ES, FR and EN. You can also make a version in your local language here.

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Early this year, La Via Campesina had also released a handbook detailing the feminist journey of the global movement. The newly released Graphic book is inspired from this original publication. Check it our here.

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