FSPI members distributing emergency aid to the earthquake victims in Yogyakarta

Since Sunday (28/5) emergency team from Federasi Serikat Petani Indonesia (FSPI) has been trying to distribute emergency help to earthquake victims in Bantul district, Yogyakarta. The teams have established coordination posts in Tanubayan, Trirenggo Village, Bantul–and one more in Imogiri, Bantul. Both of the posts are serving relief for 249 victims in Tanubayan, and 261 in Imogiri. Until now, FSPI only distributes foods, medicines and tents.

The reason to build emergency post in these two villages with consideration; (1) The most affected area because of earthquake is Imogiri: around 1000 people dead (2) The earthquake is also affected family farmers in Tanubaya. Until this article is issued, team from FSPI only coordinating for emergency stage relief; especially fulfilling the most needed relief. People in Yogyakarta are now starving, and still lack of clean water. Medicines and comfortable place to stay for the refugees is also priority, so FSPI also try to gather data and inventory.

The method of distribution is to collect food stock in coordination posts, and then send directly to refugees tents around the posts. Furthermore, FSPI has been coordinating with local communities to plan local disaster management system.

From discussion, plan and coordination, we agreed with the people to plan in 3 weeks ahead to bring up medical team to anticipate several diseases which constantly threatening refugees due to this kind of situation. Rois from Central Java Peasant Union (SP Jateng) said, “We predict that we will need foods and milks for babies and children to 2-3 months ahead. And the other urgent things are clothes, especially blanket for babies. People are still afraid to stay in their house; therefore babies and children in tents are constantly suffering cold from the night.”

Rois also stated that there are few problems to distribute relief, such as limit of transportation available to villages around the area. This situation is considering the width of area that has to be covered. Electricity is still problem as source of power is still scarce, and other accommodation problems.

Mobilization of relief is now organized by FSPI, spearheaded by the unions nearby—especially from Central Java Peasant Union (SP Jateng). Farmers from the union are sending their agriculture products like rice, cabbage, potato, mustard green, cauliflower, from their farms. Many helps are also coming from another unions across the country.

Agus Rully, Deputy of Economy FSPI said that with the width of area affected by earthquake, FSPI will continue to expand the emergency relief process. Meanwhile, the team is studying to add number of coordination posts, and also to manage the posts to have a more broad coverage to other regions. “We plan to be also in Klaten, and Wonosari, Gunung Kidul”, Agus Rully stated.

Relief has been distributed by FSPI until Wednesday (31/5)
Relief                                            Tanubayan            Imogiri
Rice                                                800 kg                200 kg
Milk (esp. for baby)                          40 boxes
Instant noodle                                400 packs           320 packs
Soya sauce                                     11 sax
Cooking oil                                        17 liters
Brown sugar                                    20 kg
Vegetables*                                    200 kg              1000 kg

Tents                                                 22 pcs                20 pcs
*Update: farmers are also mobilizing to distribute 1.6 ton of vegetables in Wednesday (31/05) in Bambang Lipuro, Bantul. This has been organized by FSPI farmers from Mulya Kintelan, Wonosobo.