Farmers protest against WTO and import of wheat

On March 21st farmers from six north Indian states belonging to BHARATIYA KISAN UNION supported by former prime minister of India V.P.Singh and former Union minister Ajith Singh on Tuesday marched to the Parliamnet protesting against the import of wheat and urging the government not to compromise agriculture for other gains at the WTO negotiations
BKU President Mahendra singh Tikait said that the farmers would lay siege to the ports to prevent the imported wheat from reaching the government centres where the grains would be stored,    till the decision was reversed. He demanded that the government should withdraw its decision to import 500.000 tonnes of wheat which would pave the way for import of of cheaper farm products , thus hitting the livelihood of lakhs of farmers. He demanded to “Remove agriculture from WTO negotiations”

The farmers alleged that the decisions are taken without consulting the farmers.The demonstration lashed at the government for bringing down import duty on wheat from 50% earlier to 0% to facilitate large scale import.