Farmers’ evaluation of the UN Committee on World Food Security


Rome, 14th of October 2010

Farmers from the international peasant movement La Via Campesina participating in the the plenary session of the Committee on World Food Security (CFS) of the UN in Rome (October 11-16) will present their evaluation of the discussion during a press conference tomorrow.

15th of October – 10h30: Press Conference by La Via Campesina

Venue: Philippines room (2nd floor building C)

FAO, Via delle Terme di Caracalla)


Farmers and other stakeholders from civil society are attending the CFS to demand and propose real solutions to the worldwide permanent food crisis, as well as concrete measures to tackle the problems of speculation with food commodities and land-grabbing. The CFS has provided a new space for the civil society but the solutions coming from the grass roots should be taken into account.

So far, la Via Campesina is sceptical about the lack of concrete steps taken to combat landgrabbing, generating mass hunger in the world.

Press Contacts:


Farmers’ representatives available for interviews:

Henry Saragih – Indonesia

Renaldo Chingore – Mozambique

Hortense Kinkodila – Congo Brazzaville

Andrea-Ferrante – Italy

Jeanne Verlinden – Belgium

Chantal Jacovetti – France

Claire Quintin – France


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