FAO: Invitation Press Briefing

Civil Society Forum „Terra Preta“ reports on the Food Summit Negotiations – What is not being said in the official Summit

The High Level Conference on Food Security is looking for a political answer to the severe hunger crisis, which has been manifested in more than 40 food riots over the last three months. It seems however that the Summit will conclude by proposing the same recipes that are partly responsible for the crisis, such as more food aid, more liberalisation and more biotechnology. Important aspects like speculation are completely ignored, while on agrofuels, the draft declaration contains a very unspecific invitation for a “dialogue”.  At the press briefing, civil society experts and small producers will provide a background to the important issues and insights on the current negotiations at the High Level Conference. The press briefing will take place:

In FAO, Room “Philippines”, Building B, 2nd Floor
On June 4th, between 12 and 13h

The following civil society representatives will be available:

Ndiogou Fall (Senegal) West African Farmers Organisation (ROPPA), on Trade
Henry Saraghi (Indonesia), Via Campesina, Small Scale Agriculture
Juana Camacha (Columbia), Censat Agua Viva, on Agrofuels
Henk Gobbelink (Spain), GRAIN, on Biotechnology
Michael Windfuhr (Germany), Brot für die Welt, on Climate Change
Greetha Fernando (Fishery Movement), on Fisheries
Diwirgai Martinez, (Panama) Movimiento de la Juventud Kuma, on Indigenous Peoples

For more information, please contact: Carin Smaller, ++41-789110896, Armin Paasch: ++49-176-22630755