EC Via campesina meets the Cabinet of new Agriculture Commissioner

Press Release

December 17, 2014

The European Coordination Via campesina met the Cabinet of the new Agriculture Commissioner Phil Hogan this Tuesday, December 16, to exchange on key agricultural issues for small and medium farmers represented by the movement.

While the application of the new CAP is emerging in the Member States, the farmers’ organization pointed the dangers of a policy whose application depends on the balance of power in place and without fundamental change in perspective. The social, financial, energy and climate crisis, called a real shift that puts priority diet of our citizens, sustainable agricultural systems with stable income for producers.

The loss or weakening of market regulation tools do not allow today to face up the serious crisis faced by apple or pears growers submitted to the Russian embargo or degradation of milk price created by the almost generalized overproduction of milk in the EU countries and globally as demand stagnates.

ECVC opposes the signing of trade agreements with Canada and the United States (CETA and TTIP) that increase only mercantile orientation that will bring the disappearance of millions of family farms.

However, strong demand for good quality and local food should support the maintenance and installation of many producers. This will require also to address the issue of artificialization of land and industrialization of agriculture.

After specifying the measures for fruit growers and their concern about the dairy sector, the Commissioner’s representatives recalled his main desire to simplify policies and stressed his commitment to maintaining living rural area for employment and growth, his concern about climate change and his openness to suggestions and terrain information.

It remains to be seen whether the overall objective of the Junker commission to reduce its activities will ensure the necessary developments.

ECVC representatives – contact:

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