“CAP payments in Europe are mostly directed to big farms”: Morgan Ody

Morgan Ody – a vegetable producer from Bretagne, France, member of ECVC (European Coordination Via Campesina) and General Coordinator of La Via Campesina speaks to Euractiv, elaborating on the definition of an active farmer in the context of a debate between the EU Commissioner on Agriculture and food producers.

She argues that most of the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) payments in Europe are directed towards biggest farms. In some arable farms, people owing hundreds of hectares of land, never really even visit the field and are recognised as “farmers” under CAP and receive subsidies. At the same time many small-scale farmers do not receive these CAP payments. For instance in the vegetable sector, many farms are small-farms, and as the CAP payments are based on hectares of land, they receive vefy little or no support. We believe CAP payments must be oriented on employment, created by and for the farmers”

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