Attack on Gaza humanitarian flotilla: The EU must act


European Coordination Via Campesina


Press Release

Brussels, May 31st , 2010


Last night Israeli army commandos stormed an international humanitarian fleet on its way to Gaza to deliver medicines, medical equipment, building materials and food. The people of Gaza lack these materials due to the blockade imposed by the state of Israel. Civilians were killed and others wounded.

The attack occurred in international waters. It is therefore in terms of law, an act of piracy.

The European Coordination Via Campesina is shocked and outraged. It asks that Catherine Ashton, the EU High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Vice – President of the European Commission, acts without delay and as representative of the EU


  • Condemns this violation of international law
  • Provides humanitarian assistance to participants in the flotilla
  • Calls for the urgent establishment of an international commission of inquiry into the attack
  • Suspends trade agreements between the EU and Israel
  • Acts to lift the blockade of Gaza


The European Coordination Via Campesina, an organization of European farmers, is in solidarity with the thousands of farmers whose lands are occupied in Gaza and the West Bank.


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