Assembly of the Youth for the right to land and the right to farming

Call from CPE, COAG and MIJARC

We, young people and organizations of young people members of Via Campesina in Europe, call all the young people and all the European farmers who denounce the neoliberal agricultural policies implemented by the 8 richest countries in the world to take part to the anti-G8 gathering that will take place June June 2nd-8th in Rostock, Germany ! We organize at this occasion on Sunday the 3rd of June a Youth Assembly for the right to land and the right to farming.

The 8 richest countries in the world whose head of state are gathering every year for the G8 build this globalisation that creates more losers than winners. These governments promote trade and agricultural liberalisation, the opening of markets and the privatization of all natural resources and public services.

The competition between agricultural products on the world market makes it impossible for food sovereignty to be respected, both in Northern and in Southern countries. Trade liberalisation leads to factory farming and to the take over of agriculture and food systems by a handful of transnational companies that put profits before human rights, health and the environment. This agricultural model goes against people’s food sovereignty. It results in the spreading of monoculture, GMOs, in the privatisation of food, seeds, knowledges, land, water and of the natural patrimony.

In Europe, the consequences of these neo-liberal policies are heavy : more than 300 000 farms disappear every year. The industrial agriculture that replaces the small-scale family farms is responsible for most of the environmental crisis that pop up more and more often (mad cow, water and soil pollution,…) !

We believe that another agricultural model is possible, in a democratic, fair and solidarian globalisation. This other model, built on the respect of food sovereignty in Europe, should be based on a sustainable agriculture : an agriculture that ensure healthy food for all, that creates jobs in the rural areas and that respect the environment.

Sustainable family farming should allow the young people, whether they come from rural or urban area, to access land and to live from farming! Access to land is a right ! However, speculations on the price of agricultural land and the lack of access to credit make it impossible for young people whose parents are not farmers to start farming. Yet, the future of sustainable family farming requires that numerous young people start farming !

You are interested in sustainable family farming, you want to become a farmer ? Come and discuss in the Youth Assembly for the right to land and to farming. This assembly aims at alowing young people from many European countries to share their experiences and analyses and to discuss on the possible alternatives and common struggles.
Where, When ?
Saturday 2nd of June, Rostock : Great anti-G8 demonstration
Sunday 3rd June, Rostock : 12:00 Demonstration against GMOs and corporate-ontrolled factory farming
18:00 Youth Assembly for the right to land and to farming
Tuesday 5th June – Thursday 7th June : Counter Summit
Wednesday 6th June : Blokades of the official delegations
For more information on the Youth Assembly, on transport to get to Rostock and on camping possibilities there, please contact us through or by phone +0032 22 17 31 12
European Farmers Coordination (CPE)

Coordinadora de Organisaciones de Agricultores y Ganaderos (COAG)

International Movement for Catholic Agricutural and Rural Youth