Agroecology is not just about how we work with the land, but also about how we work with each other as people: Peasant youth of La Via Campesina

Earlier this summer La Via Campesina celebrated its VIIth International Conference in Derio, Basque Country, gathering over 450 peasant delegates from around the world, in an event meant to set common strategies and host internal debates for the growing global peasant movement.

A couple days prior to the VIIth, the youth of the movement met for their own Assembly: the 4th International Youth Assembly of La Via Campesina. Gathering young delegates from over 47 countries, this Assembly is part of the process carried out by the international peasant movement to strengthen youth leadership and spaces in rural grassroots movements across the world.

At the closing of this event we had the chance to speak to 4 young peasant delegates coming from Canada, the United Kingdom, Puerto Rico and Nepal.

In these interviews, young farmers delegates share their experiences as youth and leaders in the peasant movement. They inform us about the difficulties that youth face in farming and how their passion, energy and creativity is slowly transforming this peasant movement keeping it relevant to the next generation.


Ayla Fenton : National Farmers Union (Canada)

Lynne Davis : Landworkers’ Alliance (United Kingdom)

Jesus Vazquez: Organizacion Boricua de Agricultura Ecologica de Puerto Rico (Puerto Rico)

Pramesh Pokharel: Youth Peasant Federation of Nepal (Nepal)

Produced by Radio Mundo Real