A statement issued by Union of Agricultural Work Committees on Palestinian prisoners and the re-arrest of Abdulrazeq Farraj

While hundreds of Palestinian prisoners are continuing their open hunger strike to demand their most basic human rights, those prisoners who are fighting for their freedom and dignity and for the dignity and freedom of all oppressed people in the world, the Israeli occupation government continues its repressive policies against the Palestinian prisoners and people; the latest violation was the re-arrest of Abdulrazeq Farraj, journalist and UAWC’s administrative director from his house, at the midnight, in front his family. UAWC calls all free and lovers of freedom and justice in the world to stand in solidarity with our colleague Abdulrazeq Farraj and all the prisoners on their hunger strike. 

Also, UAWC calls all organizations that believe in the justice of the Palestinian case and reject occupation and enslavement to launch an international solidarity campaign with our colleague Abdulrazeq Farraj through sending letters to the governments of their countries and international organizations in order to put a pressure on the Israeli occupation government to impose them to release Abdulrazeq Farraj and let him go back to his family, especially since he has suffered from many diseases after he spent 16 years from his life in the Israeli jails, most of it was “administrative detention” without any charge in violation with all international conventions, mainly the Fourth Geneva Convention.

Freedom for all oppressed people around the world 

Together for the struggle for justice and the release of Abdulrazeq Farraj and all the Palestinian prisoners.

Long live the struggle of farmers 

Union of Agricultural Work Committees


24th May 2017