#25Nov: Actions for life and against violence!

On 25th November 2020, La Via Campesina organised a virtual space of mistica and resistance, to mark the International Day to Eliminate Violence against Women and Girls. Peasant leaders, organisers and allies from Asia, Africa, Europe and Americas, came together on this online platform and took part in cultural actions, songs and slogans that brought attention to the issue of violence against rural and urban women everywhere.

In their reflections, women denounced patriarchy and sought attention to the violent evictions, persecution and murder of women in their territories, often carried to aid the expansion of agribusiness and extractivist industries. The slogan ” Peasants fighting For their Rights, and Against the Virus of Capital and Patriarchy” found an echo in all the women who spoke during this event. They reminded everyone of the detrimental effects that an industrial food system has had on the health and well-being of rural families.

The women who spoke called upon their governments to defend the food sovereignty of their communities, which they reminded would also be a way to create strong roots for our societies. The participants of the event also insisted that their governments uphold Article 4 of the UN Declaration on Rights of Peasants and Other People Working in Rural Areas, which guarantees equality and social justice to women.

During the week, several members of La Via Campesina also sent messages of solidarity and hope.

For a full update of what happened during this month, follow this thread.