Música: Los mayores éxitos de la Vía Campesina

  • La Ley de Gravedad,
    Ernesto Gómez Flores de la Vía Campesina, en el Festival de la Digna Rabia (Chiapas, January 2009)
    Songs, hymns, raps and poems from and for the Vth conference
  • La Via Campesina
    Collective creation – FSM – Mumbai 2004
    Interpretation:  Moya and Tommy Sands
    Languages: English, Español, Français
  • Canción Via Campesina – Mozambique
    Recorded in Matola, October 2008
    Creation and Interpretation : UNAC women
  •  Korean Farmer’s song
    Original version in Korean recorded by the Korean farmers
    Translated versions in French,  English, Spanish and Italian interpreted by Andrea Tronchin
  • Petani Dunia- Indonesia
    by Sejati the creative branch of Serikat Petani Indonesia (Indonesian Peasant’s Union)
    Languages: bahasa indonesia, English, Español
  • We Are the Seeds – North America
    Recorded during the Youth Assembly, North American Mistica, Matola, October 2008
    Interpretation: Kalissa Regier (NFU Canada)
    Introduction: Logan Perkins (NFFC USA)
  • Youth Poem
    Collective creation by the II Youth Assembly in Matola, October 2008