Via Campesina does a candle light vigil for the farmer’s suicides

The free trade policies have taken a high toll of farmer’s lives in India.Unable  to bear the combined attack of free trade, liberalism, the innocent lives have sunk into oblivion and have found solace in the siucides. It is a matter of shame for the country that  a country with large number of farmers are unable to sustain themselves. The new laws have made the lives so vicious that they are unable come out of the gossamer.They are gradually being distanced away from the natural right, the right being no more inalieanable.

Like minded organisations and concious citizens have taken a commendable lead to spread the message of support for the cause of farmers and condemn those policies which has resulted in this fateful situations of farmers. Efforts are being made to organise the candle light vigil in very corner of the world to show solidarity with the farmer’s movements.
La Via Campesina in its Midterm conference in Mollina, Spain extended its solidarity to the farmers of India by holding the candle light vigil on December 16. The candle light was symboilic of the support to the India farmers hoping to light the lives of farmers, where there are no suicides in the future. Via Campesina as always shown its solidaity with the farmers and support the candle light vigil done all over.

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Mollina, December 16, 2006