Via Campesina calls for action against WTO

Press release Tegucigalpa

WTO is imposing a new Round of negotiations against the will of the majority of its member governments and the social movements.
Via Campesina strongly condemns condemns the action taken by the WTO according to the interests of the United States, the European Union and a number of developed countries. The draft of the Final Declaration that was released on Saturday the 27th of October in Geneva is a slap on the face of our movements and confirms once again that this institution doesn’t have any respect for the problems that our societies are going through. Without stating it explicitly, the United States, the European Union and some other countries together with the WTO secretariat are forcing 142 countries into a new Round of Negotiations without taking account of the concerns and the positions of the majority of the governments nor those of the social movements. They search to impose a "consensus" which is non-existent. This goes directly against the interests of the majority of the countries.
The WTO as an international organisation is showing once again it’s anti-democratic nature, ignoring the values and the interests of the large majority of the world’s population. The WTO is unaware of the alternative proposals put forward by farmers’ organisations on agricultural production and ignores by doing so their demand "WTO OUT OF AGRICULTURE".

Via Campesina will announce its proposals and strategies with the other organisations to stop the new round of negotiations of the WTO. In more than 25 countries a multitude of actions is being prepared in order to show that we reject these neo-liberal policies. Via Campesina participates in the Coalition "Our world is not for sale" and is mobilising together with a great number of movements from different sectors of society.
Via Campesina calls for action on the 9th and 10th of November!

No to a new Round, WTO out of agriculture For peoples’ food sovereignty