V Youth Assembly of the CLOC-LVC: Declaration

On June 25th 2019 more than 100 men and women youth delegates from 19 countries in Latin America and the Caribbean met in Cuba for the V Youth Assembly of the CLOC-LVC, under the motto “youth of the countryside, youth of the city, let’s struggle together for our ideals”.

We reaffirm the self-determination and unity of the peoples to continue on the struggle for cultural peasant, indigenous, black and Afro-descendant identities, as well as from other people who work in rural areas to strengthen the resistance against North American intervention, the anti-fascist and anti-imperialist struggle, against forced massive migrations, condemning the assassination of men and women leaders and the criminalization of the struggle, as well as the attempted rise of the right-wing in the American continent. We stand in solidarity with the people of Honduras, who are today fighting to defend their democracy, their right to health, public education and their territories.

In this V Youth Assembly, we pledge to denounce and eradicate the implementation of neoliberal policies. As organized youth, we categorically reject the blockades against Cuba (particularly the strengthening of the Helms Burton law), Venezuela and Nicaragua, reaffirming our support and commitment to defend all revolutionary processes in Latin America, the Caribbean and the world.

We reaffirm agroecology as a rallying cry, together with all of the agroecology schools present in every region of the CLOC-VC, to guarantee food sovereignty, to cool down the planet, for the defense of our Mother Earth and the restitution and permanence in our territories, to achieve and defend comprehensive popular agrarian reform.

The Youth of CLOC-LVC call on all of the young men and women who want peace and dream of a just world to raise and fight for it. It is important to face our problems together and to promote and ratify countryside-city unity as well as regional integration based on an alternative way of life, sustainable and solidary, strengthening our popular training processes about politics, ideology, culture, history and methodology with the understanding that we have one and the same enemy.

In Cuba, 60 years after the signature of the first law of agrarian reform, we are fully convinced that socialism is the only path towards building an alternative economic model that focuses on social well-being.

Long live Latin American youth!

Long live Fidel and Che and all of the internationalist men and women who dedicated their lives to revolution, socialism and defense of our territories!

Youth of the countryside, the youth of the city, fighting together for our ideals!

Municipality of Güira de Melena, Artemisa Province, Cuba June 25th, 2019.