Urgent call to international public opinion

Managua, 30 July 2009

Today July 30 since the early hours of the morning the combined forces of the Police and the Army have been carrying to most violent repression to date against unarmed protestors.  There are many injured people, some very severely, and other being pursued at this moment.
The soldiers have orders to repress journalists  and other civilians in the areas of conflict.
The state of barbarism continues, especially in the El Durazno part of the highway leaving Tegucigalpa toward the border with Nicaragua.
We need to activate urgent actions and denounce what is going on the Human Rights agencies, as peaceful protestors are being violently beaten at this very moment in various parts of Honduras.
They are launching tear gas  from helicopters and aircraft, and shooting rubber ad wooden bullets at the people.
Please send protest messages to the dictator: Roberto Micheletti: robertomicheletti@congreso.gob.hn with cc to the OAS to see if it’s possible to give a bad conscience to  José Miguel Insulza: OASWeb@oas.org
Please, we must stop these actes of military violence against the people, to avoid more tragic outcomes as the military attacks the civilian population.
Fausto Torrez
ATC-Via Campesina Nicaragua
More in Spanish on www.viacampesina.org
live coverage of the violence on http://www.cholusatsur.com/