UAWC’s Report on Israeli Occupation Violations against Palestinian Farmers in the West Bank during June 2020

Palestinian LVC and agricultural committees documented more than 81 violations against farmers in various areas in the West Bank mostly classified as C. including, setting up fires where 55 dunums were burned, destroying and confiscating crops where 40 Stacks of wheat hay and 3 tons of fodder were stolen, Bulldozing More than 1080 dunums, cutting down more than 116 productive trees, and confiscating more than 50 dunums. In order to impose more restrictions on farmers especially in Areas classified as C, Israeli Occupation Forces destroyed 22 constructions, water pipelines, tents, and livestock barns.

The Israeli occupation authorities issued 11 orders against Palestinians citizens, ranging from demolition, and confiscation of more than 150 dunums owned by 40 farmers. As a continuation of Israeli restrictions policies, Israeli occupation forces bulldozed 200 dunums in 6 different locations in the Northern Jordan Valley; 15 Km of agricultural lands were used to construct streets to expand settlements, this has led to the bulldozing of more than 250 dunums.

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