UAWC condemns the killing of 13-year old Ali Abu-Alayya

Ramallah: December 8, 2020

UAWC condemns the killing of 13-year old Ali Abu-Alayya The Union of Agricultural Work Committees (UAWC) condemns the brutal killing by the Israeli occupation army of Ali Abu-Alayya.

13-year old Ali died last Friday, after an Israeli soldier had shot him in the stomach.

While the family was preparing Ali’s favourite cake to celebrate his birthday, Ali was killed at a protest of residents of al-Mughayyir village against settlement construction and land confiscation.

Several other Palestinian children were wounded by Israeli bullets.

We mourn Ali’s death and extend our heartfelt condolences to his family and friends.

Ali’s family works in the livestock sector. It is among the poorest in al-Mughayyir and does not own land. To reduce feed costs, UAWC launched a project distributing seeds to 30 livestock breeders in the village. Ali’s grandfather is one of them.

In addition, UAWC has helped the local agricultural committee to keep children’s hope alive for a better life and future. In this context, we have sponsored the football team in which Ali played.

Ali’s death is no incident. In 2020 alone, 8 Palestinian children were killed by the Israeli occupation army. His killing testifies to the brutality of Israel’s military occupation, which prioritizes settlement expansion over Palestinian lives. The poorest and most vulnerable communities in Palestine suffer the most from this despicable and criminal treatment.

Responding to Ali’s death, the European Union issued a statement saying “this shocking incident must be swiftly and fully investigated by the Israeli authorities in order to bring the perpetrators to justice”. We know all too well this won’t happen. The European Union knows it won’t happen. Israel’s military occupation is all about impunity and shielding soldiers with Palestinian blood on their hands from accountability.

If the European Union is serious about justice, it will have to multiply its pressure on Israel to respect the fundamental rights of the Palestinians, in particular of children like Ali, who deserve to grow up in safety, dignity and freedom.

May his soul rest in peace.