Palestine: Urgent Global Action against the Use of Starvation as Genocide in GAZA

La Via Campesina and Union of Agricultural Work Committees call upon the people of the world to join global actions in solidarity with Palestine on the 13th of April – the Global Mobilisation Day. Many actions are planned including Global Fasting- a symbolic action to encourage all of us to pause and reflect on what is happening in Gaza.

The Voices of Palestinian Women

Listening to the voices of Palestinian women is fundamental to understand the historical and current forms of genocide against the Palestinian people. They addressed how genocide is not simply about numbers, but an orchestrated policy. Genocide is an attack on the bases that sustain life: land, bodies, the everyday work of production and reproduction of Palestinian life.

This March 30th, the Land Day in Palestine: Stop the Genocide against Palestinians!

On this March 30th, Land Day for Palestine, we issue an unequivocal demand for the immediate cessation of the Israeli-led genocide against the Palestinian people. As we mark the 48th anniversary of Eternal Land Day, we stand in solemn remembrance amid the ongoing, brutal campaign of annihilation carried out by Israeli occupation forces.

UAWC Updated Briefing Report on ‘Stop Gaza Starvation’ Campaign

Over the past five months, the “Stop Gaza Starvation” campaign led by the Union of Agricultural Work Committees has reached 96,975 beneficiaries in the Gaza Strip, despite severe bombardments and challenges. Essential aid delivered includes food parcels, hygiene and sanitary products, addressing critical needs amidst gas shortages.

Family Farm Defenders :Food is Not a Weapon

The human right to food is sacred and protected under international law. Family Farm Defenders maintains the principles of food sovereignty, including the right to food, as a guide to our response to ongoing and escalating violence, destruction, and loss of life in Gaza, the West Bank, and Israel.

La Via Campesina’s Statement on the Historic ICJ Ruling Regarding Genocide in Gaza

La Via Campesina welcomes this pivotal decision by the ICJ, considering it a historic victory for the rights of the Palestinian people and a crucial first step towards holding the Israeli occupation accountable for its persistent crimes and evasion of punishment. The ICJ’s binding orders include among others instructing Israeli occupation to ensure access to humanitarian aid into Gaza.

The Ongoing Israeli Genocide in Gaza: A Call for Immediate Global Action!

As the war waged by the Israeli occupation on the Gaza Strip enters its 106 days, La Via Campesina stands in solidarity with the people of Gaza, who are enduring an unimaginable humanitarian crisis. This war of annihilation has resulted in over 25,000 casualties, more than 62,000 injured, and over 8,000 missing – a staggering 4% of Gaza’s population. Further compounding this dire situation is the blockade at the Rafah crossing.

800+ Organizations Globally Sign On To Letter Supporting South Africa’s Genocide Case Against the State of Israel

The newly-formed International Coalition to Stop Genocide in Palestine (ICSGP) issued a sign-on letter* on January 3, 2024 that garnered over 800 organizational endorsements from around the world in less than one week. The coalition letter urges all signing organizations to press their governments to immediately file a Declaration of Intervention in support of the South African case.