News Wrap Editions

2024 | April Newswrap: Updates from Member Organizations Worldwide

The April edition of the Monthly News Wrap brings you updates from member organizations worldwide. April marks the International Day of Peasant Struggles, commemorating historic resistance. Events include webinars exposing attacks on agriculture, protests for land rights, and movements demanding fair prices, highlighting global peasant solidarity and resilience.

2024 | March Newswrap: Updates from Member Organizations Worldwide

March witnessed global mobilization for International Working Women’s Day, emphasizing the vital roles of peasant and indigenous women in sustaining communities and feeding the world. From Brazil to Australia, women rallied against injustice, violence, and climate crises, demanding rights, land access, and recognition for their contributions to food sovereignty and social justice.

2024 | February Newswrap: Updates from Member Organizations Worldwide

February was marked by a series of major mobilisations by trade unions and farmers’ movements in Europe and Asia. Members of La Via Campesina were remarkably engaged in these peasant struggles and their presence was forceful, vigorously opposing the WTO, free trade agreements and European policies aimed at destroying our food systems.