Stop Water Grabbing!

(Marseille, March 11th 2012)

La Via Campesina Media Advisory

Representatives of small-scale farmers and family farmers member of La Via Campesina from Madagascar, Mali, Bangladesh, Mexico and several European countries will come to Marseille, France from March 12th to 17th. They will share their experiences on the struggle to defend small-scale farmers right over water. They will also present their solutions on how to cope with the water crisis.

La Via Campesina sees the water crisis in the world as a direct result of water grabbing by transnational corporations, such as bottling water corporations, tap water corporations, and large-scale agribusiness corporations. Their main objective is to take bigger profit by grabbing the rights of small-scale farmers and ordinary people over water for drinking and farming. Industrial agriculture model with the monoculture plantation, high chemical pesticide and synthetic fertilizers has been worsening the water crisis.

It is totally a failure to expect any solutions on water crisis from those corporations.

The farmer delegates of La Via Campesina in Marseille bring their concrete and genuine solutions to the water crisis that base on the agrarian reform, food sovereignty and agro-ecology. They will also actively take part in the alternative forum “FAME” with other social movements.

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