SRI LANKA : Reject WB’s dictates. Build a People Centered Development

WB’s Annual Meeting of 2006 is due to begin on September 12th in Singapore. It is common understanding among people of the world today, that the WB is the key agency that pushes forward the plans that have resulted in the biggest destruction of the poor people in poor countries. Therefore, on September 14, 2006 people in almost all countries will raise their voices to say “the destructive policies of the WB should be defeated”. It has today become an on going struggle by the poor people of the world to launch such protests and resistance when and wherever the WB, IMF, WTO and the G-8 countries meet to plan and carry out their agenda of Globalisation. This has become an essential aspect of the struggle for freedom and sovereignty .

Sri Lanka has been intensely subject to these destructive dictates of the WB for nearly three decades. Even when people elect Governments that promise policies that are relatively people friendly, these Governments, these governments begin to obey policies that are imposed upon them or dictated by the WB, IMF, ADB and other financial institutions after being elected. Thus, the promised policies are not carried out.  The experiences of the last decade have amply proved this phenomenon. It has become the reality even today.

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