Solidarity Letter of La Via Campesina On 16th Anniversary of Korean Peasant League

Solidarity Letter of La Via Campesina

On 16th Anniversary of Korean Peasant League

Dear leaders and all friends in KPL

 First of all, we would like to bring our warm greetings to the leaders and all members of Korean Peasant League (KPL). Congratulation for the 16th Anniversary of KPL.

It’s very pleasant for La Via Campesina to take a part in the 16th Anniversary of Korean Peasant League (KPL). We believe that as one of strong peasant movements in the world, today is become a very important time for you all. We think that KPL has passed a long road to strengthen your organization and develop your struggle. As an international peasant movement, we know that is not easy but must keep our spirit and continue our struggle.


Via Campesina is very proud that KPL be a part of us to fight against neoliberal policies and unjust world. The experience of our common struggle in Hong Kong last December against WTO was have very  strong influence not only to WTO itself but another important thing is internally – to our organization.

As we know that due to our action during the week and finally dropped the police line within only a hundred meter from Hong Kong Convention Center, the Sixth WTO Ministerial Meeting was failed to achieve a strong agreement.

In other side, the world can see that how strong is Via Campesina as a movement and play as a key role in the actions. During our struggle in Hong Kong, we also learn and support each other.

At the moment all of our friends were release for free of charge from the Hong Kong Court. That is a symbol of the victory of peasant movement. But until now, the WTO still incarcerate the peasant, landless, farm workers, indigenous people and peoples all over the world.

We will never stop our struggle against neoliberal policies as lead by WTO. In the current time, we also need to set up our energy to develop a strong struggle against Free Trade Agreement (FTA) bilaterally and regionally which have similar impact with WTO. We know that you are struggling on this issue on FTA with Japan and US. La Via Campesina will support and fight together with KPL as well what happening in other region.

Finally, Happy Anniversary for Korean Peasant League.

Down-Down WTO
Globalize the Struggle – Globalize the Hope


Warm Regards,

General Coordinator of La Via Campesina

 Jakarta, April, 21st, 2006