Seed laws that criminalise farmers: resistance and fightback

TitleSeed laws that criminalise farmers: resistance and fightback

Year: March 2015

Language: English (also available in French and Spanish)

Summary: Seeds are under attack everywhere. Under corporate pressure, laws in many countries increasingly put limitations on what farmers can do with their seeds and with the seeds they buy. Seed saving, a thousand-year-old practice which forms the basis of farming, is fast becoming criminalised. This booklet will strengthen the resistance by ensuring that as many people as possible – especially in the rural communities that are most affected – understand these industry-backed laws, their impacts and objectives, as well as the capacity of social movements to replace them with laws that protect peasants’ rights.


  • How seed laws make farmers’ seeds illegal
  • African seeds: A treasure under threat
  • The Americas: Massive resistance against “Monsanto laws”
  • Asia: The struggle against a new wave of industrial seeds
  • Europe: Farmers strive to rescue agricultural diversity 

Edition: La Via Campesina/Grain

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