#SaluteToIndiasFarmers | Call for Solidarity Actions with India’s farmers

Working-Class Struggles can never be defeated!

Right on the heels of one year of their historic protest, Indian farmers have scored a big win! On Friday, 19th November, the Government of India finally budged to the pressure of peasant movements and announced a complete rollback of the three controversial farm laws. The three laws threatened to corporatize the agricultural sector, and a total rollback of it was among the key demands put forth by agitating farmers.

According to Indian farmers unions leading this protest, this announcement is a big step forward, but they insist that it is only a battle half won. As per the latest information, the Samyukta Kisan Morcha has reminded the government that agitations will continue until their other vital demands are met – the most prominent among them being a legal guarantee for a Minimum Support Price (MSP).

It is still an inspiring moment for all social movements and civil society movements everywhere. Indian peasant movements have shown us the power of collective struggles.

To mark this historic occasion, La Via Campesina calls upon its members and allies among the global civil society to send congratulatory messages to Samyuka Kisan Morcha – the coalition of unions that has bravely led this massive struggle. Use the hashtag #SaluteToIndiasFarmers when posting these messages (photos, statements, videos) on social media.

The Indian movements have also requested peasant organizations worldwide to hold solidarity actions, wherever possible, or send letters of support, explaining how corporatization has affected peasants in your own country. Post the photos, videos and images of these actions on social media, using the hashtag #SaluteToIndiasFarmers

You can also email them to samyuktkisanmorcha@gmail.com

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