Regional event celebrating the Decade for Family Farming in Europe and Central Asia

The European Coordination Via Campesina (ECVC) participated to the regional event entitled The future of family farming in Europe in perspective of launching the ”UN Decade on Family Farming (2019-2028)”, which took place on 12 March 2019 in Bucharest, Romania. The program of the event can be consulted here .

The event was hosted by the Romanian Ministry for Agriculture, in the context of its presidency of the European Union (January-July 2019). The co-organizer of the event was the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations – FAO, together with the regional office FAO REU. FAO is part of the Joint secretariat[1] of the Decade, together with another UN agency – the International Fund for Agricultural Development – IFAD. The participation of the European Coordination Via Campesina in this event is legitimized by the role played by La Via Campesina in the Governance mechanism of the Decade of Family Farming, being a member of the International Steering Committee of the Decade (ISC).

Far from being a good example of inclusion of family farmers, since these were left out from the organization and follow up of the event, at least it kicked off discussions -comprising their participation- meant to continue for the next 10 years.

ECVC was represented by Ramona Duminicioiu, a Romanian peasant, member of the coordination committee of ECVC, who put forward the vision of small scale family farmers, for the process of implementation of the Decade.

“A strong human rights approach is fundamental for the successful implementation of the Decade and the achievement of the SDGs. We need to use the opportunity to promote the use and application of the UN Declaration for the Rights of Peasants and other people working in rural areas. The process of the Decade needs to be inclusive and place family farmers – with a particular focus on smallholders – at the heart of the process,’ declared Ramona Duminicioiu in Bucharest.

The key speaking points of ECVC were:

1) Focus on peasants – small scale family farmers – within the framework of the Decade, in Europe and Central Asia. The contribution of small scale farmers to the Decade. Challenges and barriers that small holders are facing.

2) The importance of the human rights approach. Implementation of strategic instruments necessary for accomplishing the SDGs, in the region.

3) The regional process of the Decade. The central role of peasants – small scale family farmers.

The full speech of Ramona Duminicioiu from ECVC can be accessed here.