Publication: Seed Stories | Fighting Against the Privatisation of Life

Seeds have a special place in the struggle for food sovereignty. These small grains are the basis for the future. They shape, at each life cycle, what kinds of food people eat, how it is grown, and who grows it. But seeds are also a vessel that carries the past, the accumulated vision, knowledge and practices of farming communities worldwide that over thousands of years created the basis of all that sustains us today.

Confederation Paysanne (ECVC) has developed a powerful graphic story that exposes the dangers facing peasant seed system today, in the form of genetic-engineering, new-genome editing and more. The biotechnology industry uses the term “New Plant Breeding Techniques” to refer to a diverse set of genetic engineering techniques claiming that they are not GM when in reality they are. Doing so the Seed biotechnological industry would like to avoid having the products issued by these techniques regulated as GMOs and intends, thus, to hide those GMOs from EU consumers who are fundamentally against GMOs.


Realization, illustration and scenario: Lognon
Translated by Constance Batterbury